• Nationally Recognized Certification (PTTC)

    This course will prepare you for an industry certification exam through the American Medical Certification Association (AMCA)—and qualify you to become a nationally recognized Certified Physical Therapy Technician (PTTC).

  • On-Demand, Flexible, Virtual Learning

    Instructional content is delivered fully online via module-based learning, accessible 24/7 through mobile and tablet-friendly student portals. Flexible, on-demand access to the online PTTC course content allows students to work through the course at a pace that is most convenient for them with no due dates or set schedules on assignments.

  • Affordable and Convenient

    All-inclusive course content includes unlimited 12-month access to all instructional learning materials, textbooks, official PTTC certification practice exams, clinic skills simulations, and the national PTTC certification exam. No additional fees or costs are required after enrollment.

  • Immersive Interactive Curriculum

    Immersive and interactive clinic skills simulations, expert-led video lessons, engaging real-life patient case studies and discussions, built-in self-checks, 3D animated demonstrations, interactive flashcards, and progress tracking tools.

  • Expert Instructor Support

    Expert instructors deliver engaging and interactive lessons that foster optimal student interaction. Continuous feedback and support are provided to each student ensuring learner engagement and success in the program. 1-on-1 mentoring is available to all students through instructor office hours via zoom.

  • Externship Hands-On Learning

    Gain hands-on training with optional externship placements in Physical Therapy Clinics nationwide. Our optional work experience can help strengthen your patient-care skills and communication techniques before you seek a permanent position at a medical facility.

What do Physical Therapy Technicians Do?

Physical Therapy Technicians, also known as Physical Therapy Aides, are an integral part of the physical therapy team in helping patients regain movement, manage their pain, and recover from an injury, surgical procedure, or illness. Physical Therapy Technicians work under the supervision of Physical Therapists or Physicians to provide a diverse array of rehabilitation services including assisting patients with ambulation, safely transferring and positioning patients, performing therapeutic exercises, assisting providers with specialized clinical procedures, observing patients’ progress, documenting their responses to treatments, educating and motivating patients, and much more!

Physical Therapy Aide Career Opportunities

As a Certified Physical Therapy Technician/ Aide, you will gain the opportunity to work in diverse healthcare environments as you help diagnose and treat various Musculoskeletal and Nervous System conditions.

  • Inpatient Rehabilitation Clinics

  • Outpatient Clinics and Physician Offices

  • Long-term Acute Care Facilities

  • Skilled Nursing Homes

  • Chiropractic Clinics

  • Sports Medicine Centers

What Skills You Will Learn

Our Online Physical Therapy Technician Certification Course seeks to build competent and skilled Certified Physical Therapy Technicians (PTTC) through our robust curriculum which focuses on the therapeutic standards of care as well as how to work compassionately with patients.

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Medical Law and Ethics for Physical Therapy

  • Empathetic, Patient-Centered Communication

  • BLS, CPR, and Vital Signs

  • Pathophysiology for Physical Therapy

  • Physical Therapy Fundamentals and Therapeutic Techniques

  • Therapeutic Exercise, Range of Motion, Gait and Coordination Training

  • Physical Therapy Technology and Treatment Modalities

  • Sports Injury and Pain Management

  • Physical Therapy for Prosthetics and Orthotics


What's Included
Physical Therapy Technician Certification (PTTC) Course

✓ All-inclusive online access to course material

✓ Instructor office hours and personalized support

✓ 12-month access to all learning material and study portal

✓ Clinic/ patient laboratory simulation platform

✓ BLS training via American Heart Association (AHA)

✓ 6 official practice exams

✓ National PTTC certification exam

✓  Monthly live & interactive webinars on interesting medical cases led by instructor

✓ Access to our pre-health community

✓ Externship

2 monthly payments of $1,200

All-inclusive tuition Includes 12-month full access to all digital learning dashboards, textbooks, clinic simulation, practice exams, and the national certification exam. No additional costs are required after enrollment.

Pay in Full or Enroll in an Interest-Free Payment Plan

First payment due at sign up. Subsequent payments due monthly.

Access to course is available immediately after enrollment.

Senior Course Instructor

Leah Medwig MSN, RN, CCM

Our expert instructor, Leah Medwig, provides continuous support and detailed feedback throughout the course. She promotes student interaction and fosters an engaging community of growth and learning.
Leah Medwig BSN, MSN- Lead Course Instructor

Curriculum Overview

Upon completion of the PTTC curriculum, students will obtain the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for an entry-level physical therapy aide position.

  • The curriculum covers Anatomy and Body Systems Terminology, Common Physical Disorders, Physical Therapy Diagnostics and Treatments, Exercise and Mobility Training, Patient-Centered Communication, Patient Education, Workplace Health and Safety, and Professionalism.

  • Includes 15 modules of right-sized content interwoven with interactivity and instant performance feedback.

  • Modules include detailed lectures and notes, expert-led video presentations, interactive activities, real-world clinical cases, patient skills simulations, classmate interactions, continuous feedback and support from instructors.

Course Syllabus

Consists of 15 modules broken down into respective lessons.

Unit 1

Medical Terminology

  • Basic Elements of Medical Terms
  • Prefixes
  • Suffixes
  • Directional Anatomical Terms
  • Body Structures

Unit 2 

Anatomy and Physiology

  • The Skeletal System
  • The Muscular System
  • The Integumentary System
  • The Respiratory System
  • The Cardiovascular System
  • The Urinary System
  • The Digestive System
  • The Nervous System 
  • The Endocrine System
  • Eyes and Ears
  • Blood, Lymphatic, and Immune Systems
  • The Reproductive System

Unit 3 

Medical Ethics and HIPAA

  • Professional Development and Behavior
  • Medicolegal Ethics
  • Ethical and Legal Issues Affecting the Physical Therapy 
  • HIPAA for the Allied Healthcare Worker 

Unit 4 

OSHA/ Infection Control

  • Complying with regulations regarding safety practices 
  • Using the OSHA Standards Precautions
  • Demonstrating a technique used to ensure patient safety outpatient setting

Unit 5 

Interpersonal Communication and Critical Thinking

  • Aspects of a Positive Workplace Environment
  • Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking
  • Effective Communication with Healthcare Team
  • Communication Types
  • Patient Interviewing Techniques

Unit 6 

Common Conditions Among Physical Therapy Patients

  • Common Diseases and Injuries
  • Use of Physical Therapy to Treat Common Medical Disorders
  • Wound Care
  • Medical Emergencies in Physical Therapy

Unit 7

 Introduction to Physical Therapy Aide/ Technician

  • The Profession of Physical Therapy  
  • The Rehabilitation Team 
  • Career Opportunities for the Physical Therapy Aide

Unit 8

Patient Preparation and Positioning

  • Safety in the Working Environment
  • Safe Transfers of Patients
  • Proper Body Alignments and Movements 
  • Turning and Positioning Patients 

Unit 9 

Assistive Devices

  • Assistive Devices
  • Safely Guiding Patients

Unit 10 

Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment Modalities

  • PT Diagnostic Testing 
  • PT Treatment Modalities and Physical Agents 
  • Ultrasound and electrotherapeutic
  • Thermal Modalities

Unit 11 

Ambulation, Gait Training, Therapeutic Procedures, and Exercises

  • Performing Therapeutic Exercises
  • Gait Training
  • Balance/ Coordination Training 
  • Postural correction and Training
  • Neuromuscular Re-education
  • Therapeutic Massage

Unit 12 

Therapeutic Prescriptions and Patient Education

  • Therapeutic Exercise Prescription
  • Patient Education
  • Balance recovery and fall prevention 
  • Low back pain management

Unit 13 

Basic Life Support (BLS)

  • BLS/ CPR Training Through The American Heart Association 
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)

Unit 14 

AMCA Certification Exam Review

  • 5 Practice Exams
  • Detailed study guides
  • Access to resources

Unit 15 

Career Prep

  • Career Opportunities for the Physical Therapy Aide
  • Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Career Skills
  • Job Search and Networking

Physical Therapy Technician Certification (PTTC) Exam

Upon successful completion of all course modules, students will sit for The American Medical Certification Association (AMCA) PTTC certification exam. Students will have a choice of taking the exam online with a proctor or at a PSI testing center.

  • The PTTC exam is 150 questions with 3 hours allotted.

  • ACT covers the cost of the PTTC exam (first attempt).

  • ACT has a 100% exam pass rate (on first attempt).