How it Works

  • Chose Your Mentorship Plan

  • Access Pre-PA Resource Materials & Answer Detailed Questionnaire

  • Review Customized Mentorship Plan Created By Lee Phan, PA-C

  • Meet Your Mentor via Live Zoom Sessions & Implement Your Tailored Mentorship Plan

Your Pre-Health Mentor Can be your best Resource When Applying to PA School.

Here are some benefits of partnering with your expert PA-C mentor & advisor.

  • Address mentee's educational/career goals

  • Help mentee recognize and identify his/her strength and weaknesses

  • Help mentee recognize educational / career challenges and help him / her figure out how to resolve it through motivational coaching

  • Application planning, time management, & regularly review goals, and keep mentee focused on vision

  • Provide continuous feedback on mentee's progress

  • Application prep, guidance, and advice

  • Assistance with Personal Statement Writing & review

  • Interview prep

  • Resume / CV review

  • Letter of evaluation written for your graduate school application

Customized Mentorship Plans

Membership Plan

What's Included

Basic Plan
✓ 6-month unlimited access to mentorship portal which includes pre-PA resources, webinars, pre-PA events, shadowing opportunities, research opportunities, expert application tips, and more!

✓Expert step-by-step guidance in your pre-pa journey with 4 live zoom sessions with PA mentor

✓ Strategic personalized plan

✓ Organized advising flow chart with resources crafted by your mentor

✓ Follow-up on progress

Basic Plan Including Personal Statement Guidance & Review
✓All features listed above

✓ 1 additional live zoom session to discuss  personal statement draft & editing

✓ 1 full revision/ edit of your personal statement

✓ Follow-up on progress

Basic Plan Including Personal Statement Review and Letter of Reference
✓All features listed above

✓ Letter of reference written by your PA mentor and submitted to CASPA / application service


Chose Your Mentorship Plan

Lee Phan, MCMSc, PA-C

Physician Assistant Advisor / Pre-PA Mentor

PAMP seeks to provide a tailored strategic advising plan to help you successfully transition from a health pre-professional student to a strong PA school applicant.